Sunday, June 17, 2018

How to use Fathers Day as CPS / Foster Parent Recruitment Propaganda

First of all, I want to wish all the real fathers out there a very happy Fathers Day.

For those who are fighting, I wish you the best for your children who need their dad's in their lives and for you who are suffering with the pain of not being able to be there.  I know the pain and I know the struggle.  I know God chose you to be that kids dad.

Sadly, I also know how CPS likes to rub it in our faces and use this day to tout their cause by highlighting a foster parent or a dad who adopted a child from the system, like Eric DeVoe here from Liberty Township Ohio. 
It's not about what you can do, it's about what you are willing to do. 
That's Eric DeVoe's take on being a father and opening his home to about 25 children in need of a home since 2012. Eric, 43 and his wife, Teri, have worked with Fairfield County Job and Family Services to offer respite and foster care to children of all ages for the last six years.
Or like Lee Hoover of San Antonio Texas...
"It took me a while to realize - this is going be my first Father's Day. It's pretty neat,” foster dad Lee Hoover says.
CPS often engages with news reporters in an effort to raise awareness about the "need for foster parents" for an ever growing number of children who have been taken away from their parents.  They put the necessary information in the middle of a heartwarming story about a family that grew thanks to the foster care system and their "personal calling" to get involved.

Apparently, Fathers Day is extra special for them or something like it is for Kenneth Sutton of Warren Michigan.
Kenneth Sutton of Warren has to work on Father’s Day. But he got the week after the holiday off and he and his wife Keisha are taking their girls to Michigan Adventures. Sutton and his wife became foster parents first and are now in the process of adopting both girls.
But these types of stories have a specific purpose.  That purpose is recruit more foster parents as the article goes on to say... 
The adoptions also mean Michigan’s foster care system is down by two parents. 
“That’s how we lose most of our foster parents and the reason we need to recruit more,” said Kelli Dobner of Clinton Township, new chief advancement officer for Samaritas. “In 2017, 42 percent of our foster families became adoptive families, and in 2018, to date, 68 percent have become adoptive families.”
As you can see, CPS uses this day to promote the Foster Care Fairy Tale of love and happily ever after which is an attempt by a reporter and CPS to move ones hearts towards becoming a foster care provider.  It's a way to plant the seed.  It's a way to get people to look into it.  What it leaves out is discussion about all the challenges that one might face in dealing with a kid who has been bounced through 10 different homes or walks around like a zombie from all the psych meds they pump into them. 

But if you think all of that's bad, get this.  In West Virginia they're using Father's Day to recruit gays. 
The Dixons said they would highly recommend fostering to other families who love kids and have room in their home. The hurdles in the process, the Dixon’s said, were worth it to be able to get their son. 
“I think a lot of people don’t think they can do it if they are single, if they are gay, if they are a different race … even myself I was worried about that, but that’s not the case at all,” Lee Dixon said. “There was always a way around it. I think it is the best thing even if they are not with us forever, but at least that moment in time, we know we made an impact on that little boy’s life.
Now I'm not against Gay people adopting children.  I know a few who are great parents.  But I am against CPS stealing babies and I do need state that this is a whole new potential market of foster care providers who are helping them to do so by providing warehousing space, and who are targeted as an audience by this particular author. 

I think it's quite pathetic really that people buy into this crap, but they do.  It's that sheeple mentality that you read so many conspiracy theorists talking about.  It's that pretty picture that the media tends to paint about Child Protective Services and the Foster Care System.  It's because it takes CPS being up ones ass for that person to see the light and most people haven't experienced it yet.

The fact is that real dad's make their own babies and Father's Day should be a day for them.  Fathers Day should be a day to promote the importance of a dad being in a child's life and and help them to get involved.

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